Each star in the sky is different and unique within itself. Star Care helps to develop "Stars" (Individuals) to reach their maximum potential. With state funding available for the special needs of disabled individuals, Star Care will personalize the available programs to meet the specific needs of each individual. Our services promote:

  • Community Inclusion
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Financial Management
  • Recreational Opportunities
  • 24x7 On-Call Staff for Emergencies

We serve Northeastern Oklahoma and the counties of Tulsa, Rogers, Creek, Pawnee, and Osage.



Standard Programs

Community Waiver
The community waver is one of the more advanced programs. This program will pay for the HTS and mileage as all the others do. The community waiver can also pay for some special thing like briefs, Ensure (the supplemental drink), and medical items if needed. Being approved for a full community waiver will help in other special programs like dental and psychiatric care, and some medical care that the medical card does not cover.

In-Home Waiver - Our staff helps many Individuals in this category who live in their own home, or the home of their family. We offer support services in an effort to enhance the Individual's skills, foster independence, and promote healthy choices. The nurturing of everyday accomplishments helps an Individual build toward his or her dreams.

Companion Contract. In cases where an Individual would benefit most from more intensive, hands-on care, Individuals can be placed with a live-in staff person.

Vocational Contract. We help our Individuals find jobs by keeping a watch on the job market to find appropriate opportunities. We are active in interviewing employers, doing assessments, and following up after placement to insure success. (Expected August 2003)