Success Stories

Eggs-elent Progress
Jamie is thriving with his new friends and caregivers at Star Care. Anyone who knew Jamie before he came to us would be amazed at the remarkable difference. Whereas Jamie was previously under block and restraint, he now is a happy, well-adapted individual. With the help of our staff, he has found a productive and fun activity in raising chickens and selling eggs. His sweet spirit and grand smile make him an instant friend to those he meets. He is very proud of what he does and highly content with who he is.


A Dream Come True
We consider as highly important the wishes and desires of our clients. It is both a joy and a challenge to find ways to make their dreams come true. Our first response is never "No," but "How?"

For example, Russell just took his first vacation trip to Florida, and he got to see things he had never seen before. Our vision is to help our clients enjoy and experience events that many of us take for granted. We are not limited by our clients' condition or their history. We are committed to enabling our clients to soar into new possibilities and experiences.



Life is Worth Celebrating!
Gene couldn't remember the last time he had a birthday party. Having only been a client of Star Care's for one week, we felt it important to celebrate with grand style his 70th birthday. Gene was given a pile of gifts, both of things that were needed and fun things for him to enjoy.